Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One Blissful Day Off

Today was my first day off of work in about 14 days, so I was super excited when I woke up at 7 am. Except not. It's pretty much torture to wake up so early when you can actually "sleep in" for once! I would have taken even 8:30... Oh well. Crystal and I got up and went for a really nice run. The weather was beautiful! Not too hot *yet* and not too cold. Of course Bourbon was just happy to be out of the house. Speaking of Bourbon....

The past 2 days Bourbon has figured out how to get out of his kennel once we leave. The first day he had climbed on top of the table and knocked over a container of markers, steal an orange from the kitchen counter, chew up the corner of a book I am currently reading, chewed up a box of tea, and pooped in his freshly clean kennel. Needless to say I was shocked. He hasn't done this before. And it was hard to even be upset when he looks at me with those puppy dog eyes and is like, "Hey mom! I'm so glad you're home! Let's play!"

The second day he didn't do much damage, however I still cannot for the life of my figure out how he's getting out! I've pulled on the door of the kennel and I can't even pull it off, so he must have a trick. I'm not sure of the solution, all I know is I better figure it out quick because he can't keep chewing and eating things.

On a lighter note, today we were able to go to the dog park for about 2 hours and play in the sunshine and water. Actually, it was a little more overcast, but my albino self got pretty dang red. BOURBON SWAM! Like literally swam. I was so ecstatic! Proudest mommy ever! I even took pictures.

9 days until I get to see my love! I can't wait. I really hope the next week goes by so super fast, and then slows WAY down when I get to Idaho Falls. No amount of time could ever be enough for me to spend with that boy. He's got my whole heart and I just can't get enough of him!

He finally moved into an apartment, which he calls "ghetto". He says it's never been cleaned, and the walls are too white. He's semi-crazy, but it's fine because I still love him. And miss him entirely more than he could ever imagine. But no crying this week! Be proud babe, be so proud <3

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